Cristiano ‘serious, not arrogant’

Cristiano Ronaldo has reflected on how his on-pitch persona has people thinking that he is ‘arrogant or unfriendly’ as a person.

The Portuguese, who is shortlisted for the 2012 FIFA Ballon d’Or has reiterated a point he recently made, that his character on the football field is something that may have affected his public image.

“I always take things very seriously, on the field I am not someone who laughs a lot, and that might end up being a little bad for me, because people believe I am arrogant or unfriendly,” reflected the 27-year-old in the second part of his interview with the Portuguese Football Federation’s official website.

“I do not think we can judge people by what we see or hear, we should do so when we speak and hold a conversation with someone…

“But it is normal, it is the way of life, when you do not know a person, the habit is to find faults, to criticise.

“They do it with me and I also do it sometimes [with others] and it is unfair.”

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