Llorente not resigning, yet

Manuel Llorente has insisted that he will not resign as Valencia President, but hints that he might do at the end of the season.

With the team’s downturn in form this season, the club’s continued financial uncertainty in particular engulfing development its new ground and Llorente’s personal legal dispute with former club President Paco Roig, fans have turned on the current President.

Despite these protests from fans, notably during the team’s last two home matches, Llorente has confirmed that he will not be walking away from Los Che just yet.

“Personally I would have much peace if I were to leave now, but we have commitments and a sense of responsibility,” Llorente told reporters this week.

“I cannot ensure that I will remain in office in June, because I am just thinking about tomorrow.”

Llorente also confirmed that he has met with his board of directors this week and had several conversations with representatives from the bank that the club are in debt to, Bankia, before pulling focus purely to on-the-pitch matters.

“A bad sporting time should not put the club into a constitutional crisis. If I knew that my departure would see the team immediately win again and the economic problems cease then I would no longer be here.

“There have been mistakes that have led to regrettable results against Malaga and Real Sociedad, but we understand the anger of the fans.

“I take my responsibility for signing [Mauricio] Pellegrino, that mistake cost us months in a late start.

“Our challenge is to play with solvency and continuity. We have 15 internationals and we have to be more demanding of them.”

The President brought to attention the decrease in total club debt during his tenure from €550m to €360m and also confirmed that Bankia have granted him a three-month extension on a loan of €230m that was expiring at the end of this month.

Llorente also confirmed that if necessary, the club will dip into the January transfer market. Superdeporte today released figures showing that the President has so far spent €92m on 28 signings for Valencia since June 2009, and recouped €176m in player sales.

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