Lafita urges Madrid to fight

Getafe’s Angel Lafita believes that Real Madrid cannot give up the fight for the La Liga title because they are ‘the best team in the world’.

Madrid have fallen 13 points behind Barcelona in the title race already, with the weekend draw at home to Espanyol prompting Jose Mourinho’s assertion that the club were all but out of League contention.

“It is very difficult for Barca to drop many points, but both Madrid and Atleti are going to continue to fight,” declared Lafita to reporters at a charity event.

“Madrid cannot pull out of the League and even more so at this point. If anything it is the difference that has them as the best club in the world and for that reason they will fight until the last moment.”

The attacking midfielder reflected that despite Barca’s dominant lead, the League has not become boring, pointing to his own team’s fight for one example.

“It’s not a boring League, we know that one club is in their domain, but this year Atletico have crept into a championship that seemed to be for just two teams. Then there’s the rest that are like us [Getafe] fighting for European places.

“It is important that we finish the year well positioned within the European places, which is what we are aiming for this season.

“I think that there is enough fight in the team for us to finish top six.”

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