Negredo: Stick together Sevilla

Alvaro Negredo has appealed for calm at Sevilla and warned his teammates to stick together to work through their issues.

Nerves are stretched for Los Nervionenses after a run of one win from the last eight played, compounded at the weekend by a home defeat to Malaga.

For their striker, the important thing is that the players remain together.

“We know that together we can pull this off. We’ve done it before and with the necessary attitude and delivery we can get going,” Negredo stated to reporters this week.

“Clearly nobody wants to do a bad job and we know that we have to work together, both in the field and in the stands.

“If we fall apart at this time then only more problems will come. In the dressing room we will face up to this, what we say there has an impact on the field.”

The Spain international moved to also make clear that on the pitch things are not as bad as they seem.

“We are calm. We know that things were done well against Malaga but that we were unlucky in front of goal. They did nothing in the second half and we conceded a goal and dropped.

“To concede a goal with so little from the opponent makes you lose that courage to go for the game and while we fight to the end, we lost some strength then.”

Sevilla have slipped to 13th in the table and are closer in points to the relegation zone than the European places.

“We did not look at the table when we were higher up and we are not looking at it now either. We are clam and we know what we are doing. In addition, the dynamic of the team is not that of one playing badly, because we are doing many things right.

“I remember when I went to Almeria, I thought that we won three points in some games just because of the support from the fans.

“It is something I notice in both ourselves and in our opponents now. We want the fans on our side always, they carry us, there are times when we are weak and they can pick us up.”

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