Soldado defends President Llorente

Valencia striker Roberto Soldado feels fans should blame the players, and not President Manuel Llorente, for the club’s current predicament.

Following on from the 5-2 thumping at home to Real Sociedad earlier this month, yesterday’s shock 1-0 loss to Rayo Vallecano has prompted another post mortem in Valencia, with defender Ricardo Costa suggesting earlier today that Mestalla was no longer a venue to be feared.

During the game fans chanted against President Llorente.

“Everyone is free to say whatever they want,” Soldado began in a conversation with local media. “But certainly if you are going to blame someone it should be those who are on the field, who are responsible for the situation.”

The Spain international admits the Rayo game wasn’t one he enjoyed playing in.

“We wanted to show the reaction we had had in previous games but it could not be. The team is hurt, but we must play the game on Friday to change the situation, relying on ourselves and the coaching staff that are here to pull this off.

“The next match against Getafe we have to win, that’s the way it is. Every week it’s the same words, that there’s no more room for error. Malaga won, and that puts us seven points behind the Champions League places. It is true that Malaga have a tough schedule coming up but we need points.”

The 27-year-old doesn’t think it’s fair to expect miracles of new boss Ernesto Valverde.

I wish it were that easy, that you could have a coaching change and the team would be completely different, but it’s not that simple. He is preparing us for every moment of the game and changing concepts, and I’m sure the team will benefit.

“It will be a difficult game against Getafe but we want to dismiss this 2012 as the fans deserve, with a win.”

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