Ramos: Mistake to give up

Sergio Ramos believes that Real Madrid would be making a mistake in conceding defeat in the title race so early on.

Jose Mourinho declared after the team’s 2-2 draw at home with Espanyol that the 13-point gap to Barcelona was insurmountable, but his defender Ramos felt otherwise.

“If we were winning it was because we were united, now we must all pull the cart. It would be a mistake to throw away the season at this point. We know the League is difficult, but we must keep fighting,” he told reporters after the game.

“We cannot speak of a lack of attitude and the Coach will say the same. Sometimes going into other games we have not had the same attitude as we did for this one.

“We’ve had no luck and have been made to pay for it. There is no motivation problem. The bit of luck we have had in other games has been denied us today.”

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