Del Bosque: Spain very lucky

Spain boss Vicente del Bosque admits La Roja have had their share of luck in landing the last three international tournaments.

Speaking to AS the tactician looked back on his side’s tense penalty shoot-out win over Portugal at Euro 2012 and on the shock defeat to Switzerland which they recovered from to win World Cup 2010.

“I realise that we have been very lucky. When it went to penalties against Portugal in the semi-final of the Euros, Bruno Alves hit the crossbar and the ball went outside, while [Cesc] Fabregas hit the post and it went inside. This is football, but it’s important not to have doubts about what you’re doing.

“We could have been assaulted by doubts when we lost to Switzerland, but we weren’t. Indeed, against Honduras we kept playing the same, other than changing Fernando Torres for David Silva and Andres Iniesta’s injury.”

Del Bosque also discussed the difficulty of keeping his men focused when they’re being showered with praise from around the world.

“There may be an excess of flattery, as there is always is with those are champions. Ours, beyond any specific event, is because we have won three consecutive major tournaments. But every day we generate more responsibility.

“I’m sure the Spanish fans will be furious with us if we failed, but that’s something that can happen because this is sport and there are other good teams. We have to fight against that.”

The former Real Madrid trainer then looked forward to the Confederations and World Cups taking place in Brazil during the next two years.

“We’re going to a country which has so much passion for football. We have a great responsibility not to treat the Confederations Cup as a lesser tournament. From experience we know that with every international match, whether friendly or official, there comes responsibility.”

Finally the Salamanca native covered the evolution of the Spain squad, denying that any one figure is an on field Coach.

“We have a very stable workforce, it’s true, but new players are emerging. It will be very difficult for us to make decisions. I can’t say it’s an uncomfortable situation for a Coach to be in.

“There’s no one I would pinpoint as an on-field Coach. We have some players with leadership qualities that are required in certain circumstances. Some are impetuous, some are colder and analytical.”

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