Busquets: Title not over, but…

Sergio Busquets has reflected that Barcelona’s League advantage is still not decisive, but that his team will not relinquish the advantage.

With Sunday’s 4-1 home win over second place Atletico Madrid, Barca have opened up a nine-point lead in the title race after 16 rounds of action and a 13-point advantage over last year’s champions Real Madrid.

“It’s a very good lead, but there’s a lot of Liga left and we can’t rule out Atletico or Real Madrid,” began Busquets after the game.

“[But], there’s no way we’d allow this lead to slip, we can only focus on the match against Valladolid so that we can go to the Christmas break with a certain degree of tranquillity.”

The midfielder put in a notable performance that even included a well-taken goal.

“I knew that the defender and the keeper would go to the ground, that’s why I waited to shoot.

“It’s important that we stay at this level. I always try to help the team and so far it’s been going great.”

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