‘Messi on the field to claim victims’

Barcelona midfielder Javier Mascherano has provided a colourful description of his teammate and compatriot Lionel Messi.

It’s often said that everything that could be said about Messi already has been said, but Mascherano proved otherwise in an interview with RAC 1 radio.

“In footballing terms he is a killer,” said the Argentine ball winner. “He is on the field to collect victims. He likes to play football and does not care who against. He competes against himself. He seems to have got to that level where he is more like a golfer than a footballer, every day wanting to lower his handicap.”

The former Liverpool man also gave an interesting insight into how Barca retain their desire despite having won so much.

“What has kept this team going so long is its spirit, we hate to lose. It’s like Tito Vilanova said, the greatest thing about this side is that it loves football. For us Cordoba was a Champions League match, not a Copa del Rey match. If we had not come out with that mentality, we would not have achieved the result. All the players are demanding, obligations must be filled, whether we’re against Real Madrid or Cordoba.”

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