Herrera: Madrid still favourites

Paco Herrera has praised his Celta Vigo players for their 2-1 win, but sees Real Madrid’s late goal as reason alone that they remain favourites for the Cup tie.

Celta dispatched the League champions in the first leg of their Last 16 Copa del Rey clash, but according to their Coach, are still second favourites to progress, with the second leg still to play at the Santiago Bernabeu.

“They are still the favourites. We must try to get a goal there. It is going to be difficult but we will not give up. We must cling to our potential,” reflected Herrera after the game.

“I would have taken a 2-0 result, but a 1-0 would have been better than 2-1 because it would have given us better options.”

Cristiano Ronaldo popped up with a late goal for Madrid to ensure the 2-1 score-line, much to Herrera’s frustration.

“Ronaldo’s goal was a blow, especially as it was the second time we have done this. The other day with Levante we drew a game based on this same thing.

“When something is repeated, what remains is the work to do to correct that situation.

“Now, the tie is a little more difficult, 2-0 had given us a little more life. This was a tough game. The field, with the rain, it helped with touch of the ball. Both teams were very intense, hard, the game had everything, which was what we wanted.”

Cristian Bustos’ [pictured] strike in the second half was from all of 35 yards out before finding the top corner.

“Neither him or us expected that. It’s a miraculous shot, a shot of faith and therefore he deserved the reward of it going in.

“We watched from the bench and saw that he could do it.”

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