Hagi: Spain dominating football

Gheorghe Hagi has enthused of Spain’s strength in world football, as he visits the country for ideas and inspiration to take back to Romania.

The retired attacking midfielder, who had spells in his playing career at both Real Madrid and Barcelona, is in Spain this week for a UEFA football study group.

“I am proud to live during this time, because Spain are dominating football, imposing their style, they always have their head focused and are wanting to win,” he told the Spanish Football Federation’s official website in an interview today.

“Much has been invested in their project and now Spain has reached their maximum potential and they are playing the best football they can.

“Personally, I really like it and hopefully we can do something in Romania as big. We are also going to do it from the academy.

“We have a very clear objective of forming competitive footballers that can reach a level and play at a high level in Romania, in the national team or abroad.”

Hagi currently runs a football academy back in Romania and is keen to implement ideas and methods he may pick up from his time in Spain.

“The difference between Romania and Spain is great, but the bottom line is that the coaching is most important in forming a player and in forming a competitive team in order to succeed.

“We cannot compare ourselves with Spain, we are too far away and they have won things, they are a great example for us. We need to get ideas, organise things to implement in Romania and in the future we will grow.

“In football you always learn. We have started a big project in Romania with a large academy and with the teams we have in the First Division. I’m working in football with all my heart and I have come to listen to everything that made Spain what they are.

“They are a great reference point for everyone and I am here for ideas and see some good things. For me it is impressive to talk about football, I really like that and I talk a lot, you can exchange ideas and change the way you see certain things.

“I am learning about how Spain are organising themselves, both at the top and with the youngsters.”

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