Del Bosque sees equality rising

Vicente del Bosque has reflected that Spain’s task of staying at the top is increasingly difficult in a game that is becoming more and more even.

La Roja have won the last three major tournaments played and are currently anticipating the 2013 Confederations Cup in Brazil and hoping for a return to the country the following year, should they qualify for the 2014 World Cup.

For Del Bosque, winning tournaments four and five and maintaining their spot as the No 1 ranked team in the world is a challenge that is only going to get harder, even if it is one he is proud to face.

“I hope that we follow the same line, even if it is hard because every day there is more and more balance in the game,” he told reporters in Albacete today, where he opened a new sports hall.

“I’m not saying that we are preparing to lose, we will do everything to keep winning. I am proud to lead the team at world level, even if it brings with it more responsibility.”

Del Bosque used last night’s defeat for Real Madrid by Celta Vigo as an example of the increasing balance in the game.

“That result was because of the equality that exists in football today. Any team can win, as Celta Vigo did yesterday in the Cup. They played very well against a great team.”

The Coach was asked for comment on local Segunda Division B side Albacete’s financial predicament, where they are in need of a €3.7m cash injection to avoid going out of business.

“It is not an isolated situation because there are other clubs with similar characteristics and a history like Albacete have, that are also having a bad time.

“I am sure that there are people who have a past with Albacete who are looking into a solution for them.”

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