Chori unconcerned by Valencia

Chori Dominguez is looking forward to a weekend return to Valencia with his Rayo Vallecano, but only for the three points.

The attacking midfielder spent an inconsistent 2010-11 season with Los Che, before being shipped out to River Plate the following year on loan.

The Argentine is now on the books of Rayo and is preparing for a return visit to Mestalla with his team this Sunday afternoon.

Even in reflecting on what went wrong during his brief spell with Valencia, the 31-year-old has made clear that revenge is not his motivation, with Los Che not in his sights at all.

“The game will be special for the time that I spent there, most of all for that. Footballing wise, things did not work out for me, everyone has their share of responsibility and I will take mine, but of my work [at Valencia] I cannot say too much, because things did not go as intended,” he told reporters today.

“I have asked for continuity at Rayo and if things do not go well then it is my fault. For me, Valencia did not give me the continuity that I needed as a player and now I have nothing to say, other than to take advantage of the minutes I am playing now.

“Now I am convinced and with the mindset of knowing what I have to do for Rayo Vallecano. Nowadays I think about what I can give to the team and now what will happen at this particular weekend.”

Chori was asked if he could draw comparisons between the current Valencia squad and the one he was a part of two years ago.

“It is hard to talk of the differences between the Valencia I saw and the one now, because I am not in that dressing room.

“At that time, it was a different team. Everyone can do their best and sometimes things do not occur as intended.

“At the same time, now I am not interested in what happens at Valencia, I am more concerned with what happens to Rayo and on where we can improve.”

Rayo go into this match only two points and three positions behind Los Che in the table.

“We always go out to try and get the three points, both home and away, but obviously when there has been a change of Coach there will be a little bit extra motivation in them because everyone wants to play.

“We will continue in our line of work and try not to make the same mistakes as in the previous few games.”

The previous few games have yielded three defeats, with Coach Paco Jemez suggesting that playing on the Friday and Monday so regularly was partly why.

“Nobody likes playing on a Monday and we must put ourselves in the position of the fans, who have to work, pay to watch the game and with children cannot go to the stadium.

“It is something to think about and to take into account.”

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