Wenger: Spain won’t win 2014

Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger thinks there is ‘little chance’ Spain will retain their World Cup title in Brazil in two years’ time.

The Frenchman, whose side were humiliatingly knocked out the English League Cup by fourth tier club Bradford last night, gave a wide ranging interview beforehand with Eurosport.

“Usually it is a South American country that wins when playing in South America,” he opined. “In addition, it will be played in Brazil, adding a little more difficulty. But Spain will be among the major candidates.

“It’s not just their talent and skill, there is certainly a great intelligence at work and continuity with their call-ups.”

Wenger’s midfielder Mikel Arteta is one who has suffered because of that consistency of selection.

The veteran tactician also gave his thoughts on the Ballon d’Or.

“Lionel Messi won it all last year, Cristiano Ronaldo is a great rival and Andres Iniesta won the Euros. But Iker Casillas deserved the right to be among the three nominees.”

Wenger was very complimentary towards Malaga, one of Arsenal’s possible opponents in the Champions League last 16.

“They win games with great command, despite a difficult financial situation which has forced some players to move on. I wonder whether this has lifted the spirits of the players, who have showed exceptional solidarity.”

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