Llorente: I like the Premier League

Fernando Llorente has commented on his future and admitted that the English Premier League does hold an attraction.

The striker is confirmed as leaving Athletic Bilbao when his contract expires in June next year, whilst he can begin negotiating with interested parties from January 1.

Rumours have been that the player is split between a move to Juventus and to one of a number of Premier League clubs, and he has now commented on this.

“I really like the Premier League and I've mentioned on more than one occasion that it's a league which appeals to me a lot,” Llorente told Sky Sports this week.

“You never know. It’s one good option in terms of my future but we'll have to wait until the end of the season to see what happens. It is true that we are approaching the date when I can sign for other clubs.

“I’m trying to keep it so that it is something which is managed by my brother and my representatives. That leaves me to focus on my football and help my team, Athletic, and nothing else, maintain focus.

“Have I signed with Juventus already? No. That's totally untrue. I think it's normal that people talk about these things, but ultimately you have to respect the rules.

“I am an Athletic player and, until January 1, I cannot sign with any other team.”

Llorente also took the opportunity to reaffirm when and why he took the decision to leave Athletic for good.

“I made the decision at the start of the season. We were playing a Europa League qualification game at San Mames and I noticed a significant deterioration in the relationship between the fans and me due to my protracted contract negotiations.

“Everything the Press had written about me in the newspapers was pejorative and they succeeded in turning the fans against me.

“It was when I became fully aware of how that situation had affected the supporters that I made the decision.

“Ultimately you have to bear the situation for a long time and you get tired of living like that.”

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