Del Nido: I never criticise refs but..

Sevilla President Jose Maria del Nido has reacted to the dropping of referee Cesar Muniz Fernandez.

Muniz Fernandez will not take charge of tomorrow’s Copa del Rey tie between Osasuna and Valencia as originally planned, as a result of his performance in Sevilla’s 2-2 draw away to Espanyol last Friday.

The official awarded two penalties and controversially sent off Jose Antonio Reyes in the first half.

“I don’t understand,” said Del Nido in reaction to the RFEF’s decision. “You never see me criticise a referee because he is a human being who can make a mistake.”

However the Rojiblancos chief, speaking to the club’s official website, went on to do just that soon after.

“I fail to understand how you can make a mistake of that level, and how his colleagues cannot draw attention to it and correct him. It’s incomprehensible, but hey, it happens in football. We’re playing a lot and these types of errors can occur. Hopefully if the committee allows Reyes will be there for the next game.”

Del Nido also discussed the January transfer window and Coach Michel’s job security.

“We have not had the request to reinforce any particular areas but there is still plenty of time to talk about it, we are a month away.

“In the club we have not raised the possibility of questioning the Coach. We question the results we’ve had, but we don’t question the Coach.”

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