Ricardo Costa: Group is united

Valencia defender Ricardo Costa has claimed that the team are still together despite a turbulent week for the club.

Mauricio Pellegrino was replaced by Ernesto Valverde as Coach on Monday, but the Portuguese centre-back is insistent that the squad are as tight as ever and will work even harder than usual to achieve their goals.

“The team is together,” he told a Press conference. “There have never been divisions – we have never become a divided group.

“There are Portuguese, French, Argentine players, but I want to make it clear that there are no divisions. We are all one big family.

“We must look forward. We know we have a responsibility to reach our targets – and that is the Champions League places.

“We will fight in every game.”

He also commented on the first few training sessions that have been conducted by the new boss.

“We have to play Saturday and then Tuesday right up until Christmas. We have started working right away because there is no time.

“We must work to introduce his philosophy of play. The players must start to abide by this and try to do the best possible.”

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