Euro 2020 across Europe

UEFA have announced the intention to host the 2020 European Championships across several cities in Europe.

Traditionally the competition has been hosted every four years by single nations or joint bids between two countries.

This year’s edition, won by Spain, was hosted jointly by Ukraine and Poland, whilst the 2008 edition, also won by La Roja, was played in Austria and Switzerland. Euro 2016 will be held in France and will see the format of the competition change from 16 teams to 24.

However, Michel Platini and the UEFA Executive Committee have met today to discuss further changing the format and have confirmed the intention to have the 2020 edition of the tournament held across different countries.

Platini has previously spoken of this format plan and indicated a few months ago of the intention to see the tournament hosted across ‘12 or 13 countries’ in the continent.

UEFA confirmed today that they intend to have the host cities in place by spring of 2014, whilst it is seen in principle that this format change will be just for the 2020 edition, to mark its 60th anniversary.

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