Cerezo: ‘Who is Mourinho?’

Atletico Madrid President Enrique Cerezo has quipped at not knowing who Jose Mourinho is, in response to his words about Mono Burgos.

Atleti’s assistant Coach Burgos was caught on camera telling Mourinho during the weekend’s Madrid derby: “I am not [Tito] Vilanova, I’ll rip your head off’.

In being asked for comment on this, Mourinho responded that he did not know who Burgos was. So, when asked for his reaction to this, Atleti President Cerezo took a similar tactic.

“Who is Mourinho? Isn’t he the Celta Vigo President?” joked the director to reporters today.

“Ah, he is the Coach of Real Madrid. I don’t know, I believe that among professionals everyone knows each other.”

Cerezo also offered comment on the 2-0 defeat that Mourinho’s side inflicted on Atleti.

“A match is a match and it’s three points and in this case it was Madrid’s, but in the end it is always just three points.

“La Coruna now awaits us, and we hope to have a good match, to win and carry on our run in the League, which has been very good so far.

“It wasn’t a hard derby, the derby was normal, with no real play in the first half and some better football in the second, but nothing more than that.”

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