Casillas on ambition and retirement

Iker Casillas has reflected on what he would most like to win and on when he intends to retire for club and country and what will be the reason why.

The 31-year-old took questions from a group of schoolchildren today and discussed a number of topics, beginning with what he desired most in the game right now.

“For the public and for me, what is most important is the European Cup, because we have not won it for a long time,” he reflected.

“You crave what you do not have, so my immediate goal is to win the Champions League. I would also wish that we could cut the 11 point gap to Barcelona and the five point gap to Atletico in the League, that would be a great gift.

“To win another World Cup with Spain will not be easy, that would be the culmination of an outstanding team.

“After Brazil there will be many players who will decide or have decided that they will retire from the team and let younger players step in.”

Casillas was asked about his relationship with Coach Jose Mourinho, and what the Portuguese is like.

“When he is angry it is rightly because we have not done well on the pitch, whilst as we are older, we say things to each other’s face.

“Is he a nice person? Yeah, he is nice. Leaving aside him as a Coach and staying with the person, I would say he is nice.”

The ‘keeper was also asked of missing out on the Ballon d’Or shortlist.

“I have to keep working and proving the work of a goalkeeper, who is often marginalised. I think most people enjoy those who score the goals than anyone else.”

Casillas then reflected on his future and how he has planned out when and why he will retire from the game.

“I will play until my head says so, rather than my body. The wear of playing with the elite is more a mental one and there is a lot of pressure to being a professional, even though it also has its advantages.

“My idea would be to play on until I am 35 or 36, which is when I reach the end of my contract with Real Madrid.

“Will I play for another club? Today I say no. This is my club and my home, but if I had to do so in the future then it would be for a team outside of Spain, so as not to enter into direct competition against Madrid.”

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