Voro ‘cannot change overnight’

Valencia caretaker Coach Salvador Voro has admitted it has been 'impossible' to do anything constructive since Mauricio Pellegrino's sacking.

The former boss was relieved of his duties on Saturday, with the 49-year-old conducting training sessions before Ernesto Valverde was appointed on Monday.

And the one-time Deportivo defender has conceded that it has been a tough few days at the club as they face Lille in the Champions League tomorrow.

“It has been impossible to do anything different in these three days,” he told a Press conference. “We will compete tomorrow and on Saturday [versus Osasuna].

“You cannot, in two workouts, change overnight. The strategy will not change and in many ways we will continue in much the same way as we have done.

“Circumstances have brought me to this situation. It will only be a short period, and it just so happens that it falls at the time of an important game.

“I have many years’ experience in football , but I recognize my role tomorrow is a bit different. I can't do much in three days, but I just want to guide the group and compete against Lille.”

Valverde will watch from the sidelines for the match in France, before taking over properly at the weekend.

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