Valverde expects tough task

Ernesto Valverde has spoken for the first time as Valencia Coach, promising to focus the team on football, even in anticipating a tough task.

Mauricio Pellegrino was relieved of his duties at the weekend and Valverde was quickly confirmed on Monday as his replacement.

“I have no doubt that I’ll find a group of young players who want to win games and be a team,” the 48-year-old former Espanyol boss told reporters at his presentation.

“It’s the first time I will pick a team mid-season, I’ll be honest, and I do not consider it easy, but when you take a team under these circumstances it is because there is a crisis, they are not at their best nor playing beautifully, but there is a rush to get results.

“In this regard I accept the challenge, it is the profession I have chosen and I am going for it.”

The Coach agreed to Valencia’s offer of just a six-month deal, even as earlier reports indicated he was prepared to hold out for a longer contract offer.

“I have signed for six months because that is what I have been offered. I have no problem, I am confident in my work and in this time I would like to say it is enough time to convey to the team what I would like.”

Valverde was asked what in particular of Pellegrino’s work he will be improving.

“When you see a team you always think it can be improved, but I hate to detract, it seems unfair. I’ll try to have the team resemble an idea that I have, whilst working with Valencia to their possibilities.

“The picture is a little shaky, but we have to focus well. Ultimately most important is the football, we have no doubt.

“We must focus on the game and that is easy to say. We must have the appropriate skill and the better we play the more chances we will have to win.

“I understand that when it comes to Valencia, they are a team that has to be trained to try their own style and to dominate the game.”

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