Albelda slates Valencia colleagues

Valencia veteran David Albelda has offered a scathing critique of his teammates efforts in the wake of Mauricio Pellegrino’s sacking.

Albelda spoke to the media earlier today after a tramautic few days at Mestalla which have seen Pellegrino dismissed and and replaced by Ernesto Valverde.

“In the coming weeks we’ll see if the situation changes a bit in the dressing room, if we respect each other as we did before” said the 35-year-old midfielder.

“We must learn to be together in the bad times and the good, not just playing well when we’re happy. I don’t know what you think of my colleagues, but if anyone doesn’t want to be here there’s a good opportunity for them to leave in December. If you don’t want to be here the club will facilitate your departure.

“In my view Pellegrino did a good job which was not rewarded with results. His involvement and level of work was fantastic. The reality of football is it’s easier to get rid of one than 25. A technical change may change things but the players have to be self-critical and alter our behaviour.”

Albelda refuted suggestions that Pellegrino was too soft with the players and welcomed the choice of Valverde with cautious optimism.

“It’s normal in difficult situations for people to say the Coach did not have a heavy hand and compare him with Unai [Emery]. Mauricio raised his voice when he needed to.

“I know Valverde a little, he has worked well everywhere expect Villarreal and has a good resume. I know players who have worked with him and they rave about him.”

Albelda, who played together with Pellegrino during the club’s glory years, was said to have been groomed as the Argentine’s right hand man. He has made just five starts in all competitions this season.

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