Atleti receive funds, Malaga pending

Atletico Madrid have been cleared to receive prize money from UEFA after satisfying accountants, but Malaga must still wait on theirs.

Both clubs were listed by the European game’s governing body in September as two of 23 to have failed to satisfy the Club Financial Control Body (CFCB) over ‘significant overdue payables balances’ – money owed to other parties.

Subsequently having prize money for the 2012-13 season temporarily withheld, in accordance with Financial Fair Play regulations kicking in, the clubs were subject to visits in September and October from UEFA finance officers.

UEFA have confirmed today that Atletico provided enough evidence of having rectified their financial situation to be one of 16 of the original 23 clubs allowed to immediately receive prize money owed.

However, Malaga and the remaining other six clubs have had their cases ‘referred to the adjudicatory chamber for the necessary actions to be taken’.

“The duration of the judgement phase and the date of the meetings of the adjudicatory chamber are yet to be determined,” concluded the statement on UEFA’s official website, in reference to the next steps taken for Malaga.

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