Villa proud to reach 301

David Villa celebrated his first 90 minutes of the season for Barcelona and also for reaching 300 goals in his professional career.

The striker broke the triple century mark for club and country with a double against Alaves on Wednesday night, which also saw him complete a full game for the first time for the club since returning from injury.

“There has been a small break in terms of recovery, for the hiccup with the ankle. But it is normal, I’m recovered. I’ve trained well all week,” commented Villa, who had suffered a minor injury in the past week too.

“I have not played 90 minutes before this season and so I am glad as I did well on the field too. The 301 goals make you think that you’ve done well and makes you feel proud to have achieved many goals.”

Villa was asked if he could recall his first strike and also which ones he felt were his favourite.

“The first goal I think was in the derby against Oviedo, it was a long time ago and I have to think about it. I’m not sure if it was that,” guessed the footballer, who was wrong. His first goal was against Nastic in October 2000.

“Goals can be chosen for being pretty or for their difficulty. I always think of the ones scored with my head, those are the most difficult for me.

“Nicer ones I think of are with Valencia against Deportivo from midfield, but also for Barca at Wembley in the Champions League.”

Villa also had some words of encouragement for last night’s defeated opposition Alaves.

“They played very well, they came here needing a large result, but they have proven to be a great team, they came to the Camp Nou to enjoy this.

“We struggled a lot in the first half. It was a tough game, despite the result we achieved in the first leg.”

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