MLS expect ‘another bombshell’

The American Major League Soccer anticipate another big name arrival in the League next season, similar to David Beckham.

The MLS commissioner Don Garber has told reporters this week to expect a similar surprise arrival in the Division for next season, comparable in impact to when Beckham agreed to join LA Galaxy at the end of his Real Madrid contract.

“David came at a time when we needed to increase the popularity of the League, and we are very grateful to have been able to take advantage of him for a year more than originally stipulated in his contract,” Garber began.

“I think there will be another excellent player in Europe that will surprise everyone by coming to the MLS in the same way that Beckham did.”

The declaration comes a week after Beckham confirmed his intention to leave the League after five years and with rumours that Madrid’s Ricardo Kaka is headed out to LA to replace him.

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