‘This is Messi’s era’

Claudio Caniggia believes there is no looking past his compatriot Lionel Messi when it comes to this current period in the game.

The former Atalanta, Boca Juniors and Rangers star has his own take on just how good he believes the 25-year-old Barcelona striker is.

“This is the age of Messi, period,” declared the former Argentine international.

“The order of who is best does not matter, this is the time of Messi. Now I feel very good that Argentina has three players among the six or seven best in the world of all time, Maradona, Messi and Di Stefano.

“Messi has much improved his image as a leader, but his team must also accompany him. When Messi does not score for the national team or at Barcelona, the fault is not his own.

“Now he is taking responsibility and everything is going very well.”

Caniggia also had praise for Neymar, a potential future teammate for Messi at Barcelona.

“He is the player with the most imagination on the planet. He is imaginative and finds several ways to score a goal and to create play.

“He will surely be one of the best, he is just 20 though, so we have to give him time.”

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