Higuain: Madrid can do it

Gonzalo Higuain has not ruled Real Madrid out of the title race, despite their 11-point gap to League leaders Barcelona.

An 11-point lead at the top of the table has never been overturned during the course of any previous Spanish League season, but Higuain says past experience with the club has him convinced that this term will end differently.

When Higuain joined Real Madrid in January 2007, they were five points behind League leaders Sevilla and four behind Barcelona, but they went on to win the title.

“There are a huge amount of points, we are competing against some big opponents and I have no doubt that this club has the squad to do it,” the player told DirectTV.

“It sounds crazy but I have no doubt about that. It does not depend on us, other results will have to help us, but we have the team to fight to the end and we are going to do that.

“When I arrived the team was in the same situation, behind the leaders and there were fewer games left then and we managed to win the title.”

The Argentine striker is currently recovering from a thigh strain and he will have to watch next weekend’s Madrid derby in the stands.

“It is too early to think about a return but it is all on track, I am doing well. To be out for three weeks now is a major break. Things are going well.

“Now we are going to do some tests and those will determine when it is decided best for me to return. If everything goes as normal then it will not be very long.

“I am nervous. The truth is that I suffer a lot when I am out because it is not the same as being out on the field when you can resolve situations. I suffer a lot.

“Hopefully the streak with Atletico not winning will stretch further, so that they do not pull any further away.”

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