‘Barca don’t need Neymar’

Johan Cruyff has spoken of his ‘non-existent’ relationship with the current Barcelona board and his belief that they do not need to sign Neymar.

The club have been strongly linked with the Brazilian wunderkind and are generally expected to be in prime position to sign him one of the coming transfer windows.

However, former Barca player and Coach Cruyff does not see the sense in the suggested €40m deal.

“At Barcelona do they lack the goals that mean it is necessary to sign Neymar?” he asked El mati de Catalunya Radio.

“No. If you look at the number of goals they are scoring they already have very good players in his position.”

The Dutchman was also briefly an honorary President at the Camp Nou club, but President Sandro Rosell removed this title upon his arrival in 2010. Cruyff was asked of his relationship with the board since the change.

“My relationship with Barcelona is zero. I do not know if it is good or bad, but that is the reality.”

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