Atleti cantera corrupt?

There is a report out in Spain today suggesting that player selection through the ranks at Atletico Madrid is corrupt.

ABC Radio allege that those overseeing young players’ development at the club – Julian Munoz and Jose Maria Sanchez-Puerta Prieto – pressure individuals to sign with a representation firm run by Munoz’ stepson Cesar Labrandero and Sanchez-Puerta’s son Jose Maria Sanchez-Puerta Castaneda.

Testimonies in the report have been brought forward alleging that players who do not sign with this agency do not feature as heavily in games for the youth team, whilst players released by the club are sometimes let go for having not signed or renewed a deal with this same agency, even if they have been playing well.

Further reports in Spain suggest that Atleti are taking the allegations seriously, holding a meeting on Wednesday to assess the validity to the claims and any plan of action needed.

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