Collet: Events at Espanyol regrettable

New Espanyol President Joan Collet said actions at the club’s latest shareholders meeting had been ‘regrettable’.

Collet was victorious in the presidential election race, winning 61.01 per cent of the vote, but there were protests against his candidacy during the whole process as well as outgoing President Ramon Condal.

“What occurred here was regrettable but I knew this would happen. I warned about it in my presentation and it didn’t look good,” he told a subsequent Press conference.

“Among the 50 or 60 people who came to disrupt this I saw some who had already been expelled from membership, but I don’t want to take them into account.

“It is a past issue and we need to bury it. I want to be everyone’s President and to take this club where it deserves to be.
“The great loser is Espanyol and I’d have liked the other candidates to have said this, because it has brought shame on us. It has gone very well for a lot of people who don’t love this club.”
However, Collet is looking to turn the page and begin a new era at the helm.

“From tomorrow we will be working with renewed confidence and enthusiasm and I want to thank those who have trusted me in this nomination.

“I don’t think Espanyol has been fractured socially because elections can’t do that,” he added.

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