Apono: Beat Barca? Not impossible

Real Zaragoza midfielder Apono believes that whilst Barcelona ‘plays the best football in the world’, it isn’t impossible to beat them.

The 28-year-old and his teammates travel to Camp Nou this Saturday evening in decent form, but without a League win away to Barca since November 1965.

“It’s tricky to beat them because they are the team that plays the best football in the world,” Apono reflected in an interview with El Pais published today.

“You have to have a great game and hope that they are not successful because they always have the ball. It is a game where you have to run and multiply your efforts.

“These games are hard, yes. You run after them. But, whilst it is nice how they do things, I do not think it is impossible to beat them.

“Yes you have to play them with a defensive mindset, but not with the idea of being locked at the back from minute one. I see no other approach [beyond defending], though. Madrid, for example, haven’t played against them every time head to head.

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