JIM defends Levante players

Juan Ignacio Martinez has defended his Levante players from what he claims is a ‘lynching’ following last week’s defeat to Real Madrid.

Ugly scenes at the end of the game has resulted in claim and counter-claim from both clubs this week over what actually happened, but Martinez believes it is his players who have received an unfair slating from the media.

“I have no respect for the lynching that his going on towards some of my players who have nearly 20 years in the game, like Sergio Ballesteros.

“I don’t like it and I don’t agree with it because the dressing room is like my family and I’ll rebel against any situation like this.”

The former Cartagena boss made his remarks whilst attending the ‘Planet Football, A Universal Passion’ convention, after which he shared a table with Valencia counterpart Mauricio Pellegrino.

“What we have to make clear after all the controversy against Real Madrid is that we must turn a deaf ear to it, because we have a very clear conscience about everything that occurred.”

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