Ramos admits Mou differences

Real Madrid defender Sergio Ramos has admitted he has had his difference with boss Jose Mourinho in the past.

Speaking to Cadena Ser’s El Larguero programme, and still with the incidents following Madrid’s game with Levante on Sunday in mind, Ramos reflected on his relationship with the Portuguese after a difficult couple of months between the pair.

“We’ve had our differences at certain times and if anything needed sorting out then we always did it face-to-face and nobody heard about it. Our relationship today is very good,” said Ramos, who added to the war words following the Levante clash.

“It’s obvious that against Real Madrid a team is transformed because perhaps a victory over us has more impact than against any other team.

“In some ways you can understand the behaviour of certain players but not what happened the other day. For us it is now in the past.”

Ramos also spoke about Sergio Ballesteros, who along with Madrid defender Pepe was the central protagonist in the Levante storm.

“He congratulated me before the game and we talked for a while in the tunnel. He congratulated me on the successes with Real Madrid and the Spain and in all honesty that says a lot about him as a person.

“However, I don’t agree with what happened afterwards and there were things that took place in the tunnel that were out of order,” he declared, before giving his own version of events.

“It’s true that Ballesteros came in and was supposedly interested in how Cristiano [Ronaldo] was and that Pepe was there, but there was no significant aggression.

“There was nothing but words and some pushing and luckily we arrived to break things up.”

He then went on to speak of being awarded the prize of best defender in La Liga by the Spanish League.

“I’m more in favour of collective awards than individual ones but obviously you don’t refuse them and that prompts you every day to keep working and fighting.

“You can’t live in the past but last season will live in the memory as one of my greatest years.”

Finally, he spoke of the way he comes across to supporters.

“Despite some things happening that have distorted my true image, nobody can doubt that if I have to dig in then I’ll do so again.”

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