Llorente to cut ticket prices

Manuel Llorente has conceded that Valencia will likely cut ticket prices for next season, in a bid to appease shareholders and fans.

A meeting between the board and the club’s shareholders at the weekend proved a frosty affair, with a number of points discussed highlighting a general frustration with Llorente and his directors’ general running of the club.

In response, Llorente has promised a few changes will be made, after discussion with his fellow board members.

“We looked at all the things that were put to the board, from the point of view of the shareholders, on how we can improve,” began the club President.

“One issue is that of season tickets, where, perhaps due to the economic situation of the club and the day to day work here, we have failed in the prices.

“We believed that with the Champions League, that renewal price was sufficient. We are looking for the next season to have a substantial reduction on the price of tickets, with the aim of raising the same amount, but filling the Mestalla.”

Llorente also spent time to make clear that the club’s policies are not directed by the banks that they owe money to, as per one shareholder’s accusation, whilst he also promised that Los Che will improve in its communication to shareholders

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