Pepe mocked us claims Juanfran

Levante defender Juanfran says Real Madrid’s Pepe mocked his team after their 2-1 defeat at the Ciutat de Valencia.

An alleged incident took place between Levante’s Sergio Ballesteros and Pepe in the tunnel after the game and Juanfran [pictured, right] gave his own take on events to Punto Pelota.

“Before we went in the dressing room I saw Pepe coming off the pitch dancing, laughing and mocking us. Everybody saw it, the security men, police, his own team, all of us. It’s 100 per cent true.”

Juanfran also revealed that the police had to separate the two players.

“The pólice and stadium security were called and they separated the pair and made sure we went into the dressing rooms,” said Juanfran, who referred to Sergio Ramos’ comments that Ballesteros should take up boxing.

“Sergio Ramos’ comments were sad. If he says one thing then he should also say it about Pepe.

“He shouldn’t hide anything but I find it sad that when they win they laugh and mock their opponents. It happened in the Cup two years ago,” he added.

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