‘Celtic formula might work’

Javier Arizmendi says that Mallorca can take inspiration from Celtic today, but that defeating Barcelona may prove difficult.

The striker is preparing with his teammates to welcome the League leaders to Iberostar Stadium this afternoon and acknowledges that elements to how Celtic beat the team in midweek could be applied to his side’s performance today.

“The way Celtic won that game, they could also have lost it. It depends on the success that Barcelona have, and the other day they were not correct, whilst if they are on form, it is hard for them not to win,” began Arizmendi to Grada360.com.

“We will play to our strengths and make the game uncomfortable for Barca. We can have a formula similar to Celtic’s, but you can play 10 games that way and win one. The thing that matters is the goals and Celtic scored more, but if Barca are at their normal level then we will lose the game.”

Indeed, Arizmendi sees little difference between this Blaugrana under Tito Vilanova and the side under Pep Guardiola.

“They are just as dangerous. They have changed little. They continue to demonstrate that they will be one of the best teams in the history of football. Playing against Barcelona is difficult because they have possession, they monopolise the ball and know you have to work very hard to try and get it back.

“They play with a lot of players ahead of the ball and that creates more space. Playing against Barcelona is difficult, but they do leave these gaps.

“They are Madrid play in another League and when you face them you know it is hard to get something positive out of the game, but the motivation to play in a game like this gets you going.”

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