Bielsa: Boos ‘deserved and belated’

Marcelo Bielsa has admitted that the whistles from the San Mames crowd against him on Thursday were ‘deserved and belated’, but he will ‘keep fighting’.

Athletic Bilbao fell to a 3-2 defeat to Lyon in front of their own support to all but eliminate them from the Europa League.

Bielsa notably received whistles and boos from the crowd when making his substitutions, and upon reflection of the game and overriding situation the club are in, he has accepted them.

“I consider it deserved and belated. We have been too patient and the patience had to do with the claims that the other defeats were unjustified,” remarked the Argentine in his weekend’s pre-match Press conference.

“In the match against Lyon it was the time for this unworthy recognition. Everything else had been postponing the reprobation of the real culprit, me.

“To build a new style is a laborious task that cannot be changed overnight. What was being castigated was not the style nor the current form, the public appreciates that they are progressing well, but what everyone feels right now is also appropriate.

“I believe that justice has been done. It has always been clear that we did last year generated enthusiasm and what we have done this year is creating disappointment.

“I am leading a project that is disappointing and it is natural to experience it alone. It seems natural, it is always what happens.”

However, the Coach also reflected that it is not a situation that he will walk away from.

“This is a common scenario that I have faced countless times. I do not want to brag about strength, but it is very difficult to stop fighting.

“It is much more likely that someone will decide for me, rather than me choosing. When faced with adversity, I will always keep fighting.

“I feel shame in re-arguing why Athletic are experiencing poor form because the listener has no desire to continue listening to this. Most true is that we have lost again.

“I put myself in the position of the listener and I say ‘again the same explanation’ and I cannot offer alternative explanations because I do not have them.

“Football is something that few understand, but many people discuss. When one explains the situations when the group is triumphing, it seems insufficient, with the belief that there is hidden content.

“But the message is clear. The thing to do is for the players to play in a proportionate manner to the virtues they possess and to bear their full potential for as long as possible.

“That’s what a good Coach has to achieve.”

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