Oltra unsurprised by Depor embargo

Coach Jose Luis Oltra is remaining calm in the week that Deportivo have had a majority of their income frozen, saying that it doesn’t come as a surprise.

The Galicians are reported to have lost as much as €14m worth of income embargoed this week by the tax authorities, in response to an alleged €90m total debt that the club have, of which the amount owed in tax is still unreported.

“The embargo has not caught me by surprise,” Oltra commented in reaction to the news in today’s Press conference.

“So far I have said nothing to the players. Maybe tomorrow I will, but today I have not. I can manage what I can, but I do not have all the information and all I can do is keep focused on what I have to.

“The club, little by little, will communicate what they are able to.

“[President Augusto] Lendoiro has said on occasion something to me about the economic situation, but it was a long time ago.

“I have no time to dine with him, which is when there is most time to talk about all sorts of topics. At other times of the season it is normal for us to meet. Now we are more like a business than a club with regards this topic, it will be dealt with naturally.

“Personally, I am not concerned about the issue. The Coach always works comfortably and quietly here, our perspective has not changed.”

Speculation is that in light of the issue, the players and Coach may not have future wages paid, but Oltra dismissed the notion that the group are currently affected by this.

“I have not detected anything. It is something we do not handle. I have no such information, I’m not the right person to ask. Yesterday we were oblivious to this information and I am sure that it has not influenced them.

“I could have seen a destabilised group, nervous, worried, but today I really have not seen anything and I do not want any scaremongering. It is a personal feeling.”

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