Trochowski on recovery

Sevilla’s Piotr Trochowski has reflected on his long road to recovery and cannot confirm how long he will be out of action for.

The winger damaged knee ligaments in an otherwise innocuous injury playing against Barcelona in early October.

Trochowski was then forced to undergo a second operation when scans showed that the first had not been entirely successful. Facing at least four months out of action, the 28-year-old has taken time to reflect on things.

“For now, I am injured but I know 100 per cent that I will play again. It is not easy to say how long I need to recover, for me the important thing now is to improve each day,” the German told SFC Radio today.

“I believe in this, and that I will work to return to play. I believe in my leg.

“I’m better now. Following the first operation I was in great pain. Following the second I was a little better but I had bleeding and swelling. I’m now getting better every day.

“It’s boring at the moment – I have fun reading, watching TV and little else. It’s not easy, but I have to live with it, it is part of the recovery. These things happen in the world of football and I have to live with it.”

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