Spanish football’s tax debt at €700m

The Spanish tax office has revealed that Spain’s football clubs have paid more than €300m to them in the last year, whilst total debt to them sits at €700m.

The Tax Agency (AEAT) today lead with the line that it has recouped a total of €132.9m back from football clubs in Spain this year through control actions and embargoes alone.

€55.3m of this amount has come through the seizing of property or rights from clubs, with a total of 278 actions of embargo carried out this year by AEAT and a majority of those centred on ticket sales and other forms of credit.

Figures also revealed by AEAT say that the 126 clubs in the country have paid a combined total of €329.9m to tax authorities this year, with €305.1m of that attributed to the 20 Primera Division outfits alone.

It is understood that this has managed to eat into the total debt Spain’s football clubs currently have with the Hacienda (Spanish tax office). Reports indicate that January 2012’s figure of €752m has now dropped to around the €700m mark.

AEAT also reported today that of the 126 clubs in Spain, 27 have now been declared bankrupt and hold a combined debt of €141.35m to the Hacienda.

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