Del Bosque ‘surrounded by good players’

Vicente del Bosque says he feels just as fortunate as a Coach as fans do in having the players he currently does in the Spain team.

La Roja are enjoying a dominate spell on the international scene and Del Bosque has admitted in an interview today with lainformacion that he feels very lucky to be where he is today.

“I am surrounded by good players, I was at Real Madrid and now with La Seleccion. The value you have for the players is the value we have as Coaches,” reflected the World Cup and European Championship-winning Coach.

“I have no key. I have always moved around the football, I know the dressing room, the relationships between the players and not only within the dressing room but also with the Press, with everything that surrounds a football team. We are familiar with everything that surrounds this work.

“The team is composed mostly of players from Real Madrid and Barcelona so it is logical that we play like them. We take a bit from each of the two big clubs. We have four or five from Madrid and eight from Barca.”

For Del Bosque, he feels also fortunate to have had little issue with his players when choosing between them for each squad.

“I have had little difficulty with Spain. The players have always been liberal with me. I have in practice 23 to 25 players – it depends if you are at a club or national side – but that is difficult to manage.

“Some are not going to play and everyone, absolutely everyone, must understand that there are those who will play and those who will not play.

“In theory, working at a club is easier because you have four days to prepare for the games, you are with the players, whilst the national team is more complicated.

“At the same time, it is also true that there is less chance of friction because there are fewer days spent together.”

The Coach was also asked of the inevitable debate due next week when he names a squad that will have to travel out to Panama for a friendly.

“Every game we always have the same debate, always the same problems and the truth is that these trips are like going to Europe, you have only three or four hours on a flight.

“Everyone is obliged to partake and everyone in the world is fond of us. At the same time, we must remember that we defend our country and that the countries that have our same language are grateful that we are playing them.”

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