Vilanova: Points that matter

Tito Vilanova is a record-breaking Barcelona Coach, but is also one most content with the points his side continue to pick up.

In defeating Celta Vigo 3-1 on Saturday evening, Vilanova’s version of La Blaugrana set a new club record for the most points collected in the first 10 rounds of a League season.

“The important thing, more so than the record, is the points right now,” reflected the tactician after the game.

“Celta are a team that wants to play, in a way that the field is not just about having people planted inside and if we are not well placed and precise then they will make you run faster.

“At the end it was worth seeing who had the most possession. They have produced a very good game, you have to congratulate them.”

Lionel Messi caused concern when he appeared to have damaged his knee after a collision during the game, but initial reports suggest no damage, which Vilanova backed up.

“He is okay, in principle it was only a knock. Yes, it’s true that we were all scared, but it was only a blow.

“That sense of concern is one I have when Leo falls or any other player. The worst thing in football are injuries. Luckily, it was just a hit.”

The Argentine was playing the day after his partner gave birth to his first son.

“He was okay and he wanted to play. That he had not trained and had slept little had little to do with his desire to play the game.

“He did well, he had his chances, some he will score, others he will not. But he was good and, if he tells me that he can play, he will play. I understand that he had wanted to do it and score a goal to devote to Thiago, something that ultimately did not happen.”

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