Mou: I’ve never thought of resigning

Jose Mourinho has revealed in an interview with Ronda Iberia Magazine that he has never thought of resigning as Real Madrid boss.

The Portuguese also spoke of the pressures of being in charge at the Santiago Bernabeu and the way the job impacts on his private life and his family.

“I’ve never thought of resigning because I’m much more loved [at the club] than people think. The moments of anguish you go through on a social level are just that, moments.

“There are some specific things, like when your son asks if he can stay off school so he can have a quiet life or when your wife tells you to stay in the car so she can shop at a store.

“It’s the price I have to pay for being in a profession that I love,” insisted Mourinho.

In addition, the former Porto, Chelsea and Inter boss maintained that fans of other clubs also hold him in great esteem.

“There are many supporters, although they are from rival clubs, who respect me both as a professional and a person. I am constantly fighting with myself because my ambition is always to be the best.

“Anyway, every time I think more about others I think I am doing well myself, but it’s getting increasingly difficult to coach.

“A Coach today cannot be the same as one 10, 20 or 30 years ago because it is an evolving profession. A Coach’s obligations go far further than just picking 11 players because he has to teach tactics and make changes.”

Mourinho then told a story about when he was a young man that involved a teacher on his first day at university.

“I told the teacher I was studying to be a football Coach and I didn’t know what I was doing in his class. He answered by saying that if I wanted to be a great football Coach then I couldn’t just know about football. Now I think he was right.”

The 49-year-old also reflected on the role of football and footballers in modern society.

“Football is a unique social phenomenon. The language of it is universal and there are more people that speak the language of football than English or Spanish.

“It is also a global phenomenon that joins races, cultures and religions. For these reasons our social responsibility is great.

“Players are role models for society in many things but not in others. No matter how much emotional intelligence you apply to your behaviour, there are times when you can’t control your emotions and you end up making mistakes.

“The media also have an influence in such situations because the Press today are very competitive. Maybe we should all help each other so the good examples prevail over the negative ones.

“It seems banal to say we should be honest in these times but that’s what I really think. You have to be like that with yourself and those around you. I try to apply that to my work and I’ll be like that until the end.”

The Real Madrid Coach also disclosed a secret.

“I’m approaching 50, a number of great significance. My home town is preparing a small tribute and if I look back at things I can’t avoid having a small smile on my face.”

Mourinho admitted that from an early stage in his career he knew it was inevitable that for him to progress he would need to go to other countries.

“It’s necessary to travel and meet new challenges in order to grow. When I started coaching my aim was to work in Portugal, England, Italy and Spain, and I’ve done that.

“When I finish my time at Real Madrid I don’t know on which path my career will take me,” he concluded.

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