‘Espanyol’s money struggles unexpected’

Mauricio Pochettino has reflected that his time as Coach of Espanyol has been affected by a financial struggle he did not foresee occurring.

The club have for consecutive transfer windows sold players of value and been heavily criticised for cutting back on investment on the youth team as financial difficulties have taken over.

Speaking to El Pais today, Pochettino reflected on the situation and how it may have influenced this year’s poor start to the season.

“I did not expect that in these four years the club’s budget would have decreased by 50 or 60 per cent,” he revealed today.

“When I arrived I thought that the budget would increase, or at least be maintained. It has been the other way around, we have been decreasing and so we have had to sell players.

“[Building a team each summer] has been a necessity. The priority is financial, trying to manage the sporting aspects without trouble.

“We have succeeded in four years and this season we have not started well, but there is still a long way to go in the League.

“Sporting performance can mask the problems or expose the defects. It also can be affected by the team, when you win it is a positive power that can go beyond the many negatives.

“And when you lose, because the ball has hit the post and gone out, the power is negative. In analysis, it is a very thin line.

“Am I under pressure? In that sense I am calm. My work for many years has been supported. Beyond that I am someone who cares for this situation, I have known this club for more than 18 years.”

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