Butragueno: Toril has club backing

Real Madrid director of institutional relations Emilio Butragueno says reserve team Coach Alberto Toril has the club’s full backing.

Butragueno was responding to accusations from first-team Coach Jose Mourinho that Madrid’s second string side Castilla was not being used as a stepping stone for players to step seamlessly into the full side.

“Toril is backed by the club. He has been successful for a long time and has done a good job,” was Butragueno’s clear message following the 4-1 Copa del Rey first leg defeat of minnows Alcoyano.

He then went on to praise the home club and in particular the way in which Madrid’s players and officials had been treated by the Segunda B outfit.

“We are very grateful because they have behaved very well towards us,” he told gathered media.

“They are a team that was very focused right from the start and came out with a lot of vigour, but little by little our players got into the game and began to play how we wanted.”

Butragueno also highlighted Mourinho’s competitive spirit and had words of encouragement for the youngsters who took part.

“For Mourinho there are no easy games. He is the same in every match and tonight he proved that. What he said yesterday was a technical reflection on the first team and we must respect that.

“He is the first team manager and also the first team Coach. All his opinions are very respectable and he has the right to make a technical appraisal.

“For Jose [Rodriguez] to start and score was very good news and we are excited by his performance. It’s not easy to debut for Real Madrid but he was very relaxed and scored a great goal.

“Nacho is very competitive, played on the left and showed he can help us, while [Alvaro] Morata was very active in a difficult game for the strikers. He has a lot of presence about his game,” concluded Butragueno.

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