Rosell on Barca’s five values

Barcelona President Sandro Rosell has reflected on the values Barcelona are trying to teach the next generation of footballers.

Rosell visited a school in Catalonia today and spoke of Barca’s ideals of ‘respect, effort, ambition, teamwork and humility’ being defining aspects to follow.

“Respect is for those who are at Barca and those who are not, respect is for everyone,” he explained to his young audience today.

“Humility? That is not being cocky. With Lionel Messi and the team they celebrate titles with humility, without offending the opposition.

“For effort, Messi ran the whole pitch to defend against Rayo, even though his team were already winning by five goals and he had scored two himself. He tried hard.

“Ambition is good and is of a team that has already won 14 titles and still wants more and more. This is what you should have in your life.

“It should be achieved jointly and together, it is always better to work as a team than as individuals. Messi, when he was given the Golden Boot, said it was thanks to teamwork. Without that, no individual wins.”

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