‘Mou doesn’t care about youth’

Former Real Madrid Coach Bernd Schuster has rejected Jose Mourinho’s notion that he is the ‘champion of debutants’ at the club.

Mourinho gave himself that label when yesterday defending his work with the club when it came to using youth players. However, for former Madrid boss Schuster, the youth team is never going to really be an interest for the Portuguese.

“He has done the least amount for the youth team and nor will he do any more, he is not interested,” the German told ABC Punto Radio today.

“He only wants to win and he is not interested in bringing a youth player into the senior team and succeeding with that, he only wants personal success, and the more titles won in the shortest time possible the better.

“If we took a list of players that I debuted then we wouldn’t finish.”

However, Schuster did not stand up for Castilla boss Alberto Toril either.

“I don't know why they asked Toril about this. That's where the matter started. At Madrid things are very clear.

“There's the first team and few things come after it. Mourinho's the boss and he decides if a player comes in or doesn't come in, and where each one plays.”

Whilst critical of his handling of the youth, Schuster did reflect on the impact that Mourinho has had on Real.

“He's the first Coach who has been able to be in charge where he has to be, not only in the team – he's the boss of all of it. He handles things as he likes.

“I think it’s good – he's had a lot of success, and he'll bring that to Madrid, where they're just missing the Champions League. This year they're going for it even more.”

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