Falcao not thinking of leaving Atleti

Radamel Falcao has revealed that any thoughts of leaving Atletico Madrid never enter his head.

The Colombian striker was making a guest appearance on television show Punto Pelota, during which he also spoke of his time as a youngster, why he stayed with Atleti last summer, and the trappings of fame.

 “I never ever think about it and the wish to leave has never entered my head,” answered Falcao when questioned on his future with Los Rojiblancos, although he maintained it did not depend on him.

“It’s something that is not up to me. The club has needs and depend on certain results. There are a lot of factors. What I can say is that I’m very happy.”

The 26-year-old explained why he did not leave Atleti during the summer when he was linked with a host of top European clubs.

“There were a lot of things involved [Miguel Angel] Gil Marin told me if we did not qualify for the Champions League it would be difficult, but they made a very big effort to retain me.”

He then highlighted the reasons why he tends to shun the limelight and does not want to fall into the trap of believing his own fame.

“I’m a sensible person but at times the life I lead and everything that has happened to me has forced me to hide that.

“Yes, I live in a very strange world. It’s not like the reality of other people’s lives. I always have to put on a smile and can’t show that I’ve had a bad day, but it’s not the fault of the kids who get close to you. I always have time for them.”

 “It’s thanks to God that I have people around me who help me keep my feet on the floor. My father already knew that one day I would play football and as I child was aware what it was like to be in this profession.

“You have to realise that nobody is better or worse than anybody else. I learned as a child to have that balance,” said Falcao, who was asked if he had banned his father from talking about his future.

“Parents sometimes talk and give their opinions and that’s it. I haven’t lived with my father in 12 years. I have become a man and he, at times, has not been involved in that process. He doesn’t live with me, so he doesn’t know what my dreams and objectives are.”

He also spoke of Diego Simeone’s omission from the list of candidates for Coach of the Year.

“He did a lot to deserve to be included. He didn’t have time to prepare last year but he kick-started things immediately.

“Thanks to him we were one point away from qualifying for the Champions League. It’s a shame he wasn’t recognised.”

El Tigre even showed his sentimental side, being brought to tears when shown a video of himself when interviewed as a young footballer, and admitted he was overwhelmed with emotion before recovering his composure.

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