Caparros: It was not the true Mallorca

Real Mallorca boss Joaquin Caparros said his players were virtually unrecognisable after they were beaten 5-0 at home by Real Madrid.

The Islanders have lost four in a row after a bright start to the season and have now slipped to below half way in the table after occupying the European spots just a few weeks ago.

“We are not the team we saw today. We don’t have to play like that and neither do I want us to, because we have to be supportive and show some solidarity,” a clearly upset Caparros told a Press conference.

“If we go out with no intention of fighting for the ball then something like this happens, regardless of whether the opposition is Real Madrid or not.

“What I don’t like is that we lost our identity and we’ll need to change what we did today. We have to look at ourselves because at times it seemed like a testimonial match.

“Mallorca has to be a more intense team with more ambition as there was a big difference between the sides. Madrid knew what to do and they were more practical, but we should have played to our own strengths.”

The Sevilla-born Coach also lamented the mistakes his team continually made.

“We know we need to do things right and we’ll have to correct that. We have to break the negative dynamic. Madrid and Barca are well above the rest of the teams but that doesn’t concern me.

“We were not our usual selves. Last year if we lost we did so in another manner but today we were flat and were like the day itself – strange.”

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